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  • High-Power 1500 Watt Dual Motors with Oscillation and Triplanar Motions, or Both Motions Combined.   That makes this the most powerful portable whole body vibration machines on the market!
  • Oscillation Motion: 5-14Hz, 0-10mm, 60 speeds; Triplanar Motion: 15-40 Hz. 0-2mm, 60 speeds
  • Customize Your Workout with 9 Operating Modes (3 Manual, 3 Automatic and 3 User Defined)
  • Easy-to-Read LCD Display
  • Brings Wide Ranging Health Benefits, Including Increased Strength, Higher Metabolism, Toned Muscles, Body Conditioning, and More
  • Weight Limit 440lbs
  • Full 1 Year Warranty / 2 Year Warranty on Parts
  • Benefits of Dual Motor Machines

    Oscillation Motion:

    The Oscillation motor allows the vibration plate to pivot back and forth like a see-saw. This type of vibration has impressive results with lymphatic drainage, weight loss, balance and improving fast twitch muscle function.

    Triplanar Motion:

    The Triplanar motor moves the vibration plate in a spiral motion. The movements are very quick and have smaller amplitudes. This type of motion is perfect for increasing muscle strength and bone density while helping to reduce inflammation.


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GForce Portable 1500W - Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration Exercise Machine

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